New Initiatives : International School Award (ISA)

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Excellence is never an accident; it is the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction, skillful execution and the vision to see obstacles as opportunities. The prestigious International School Award is the fruit of our hard work; covering seven different international activities on the framework laid out by British Council, in the span of session 2015-16. These activities covered diverse themes, best suited for our school and students, giving us an opportunity to connect to schools sharing the same thoughts and passion. To name them: we had : My Globe Trotter, Hello to the World, What's in your Wardrobe, International Jungle Safari, Games We Play, Songs and Symbols of My Nation's Glory and Waste , No Waste. Through this programme we successfully collaborated with 9 international schools across USA and UK which speaks volumes about the enthusiasm with which we carried these activities forward.The schools with which we collaborated are-

  • River Spring Charter School, Casa Motessori, California, USA
  • Blackheath Preparatory School, London, UK
  • Pleasant Hill High School, Louisiana, USA
  • Queen Elizabeth Public School, Canada
  • The Guthrie School, Texas,USA
  • Bryans l. Darden Elementory School, USA
  • Tarbolton Primary School, Scotland
  • Ted Antalya College, Turkey
  • Gowarshad High School, Heart, Afghanistan
  • British Columbia Canadian International School, Al Shouruk City, Cairo, Egypt
  • We are now an accredited International School Award recipient, honored to be acknowledged for our international dimension in curriculum.